Frank Ameka

Head Honcho

For as long as I can remember, I have always been known as the creative guy – the one who loves to tinker and play with gadgets and machines. I grew up in a very supportive environment: the best schools, the best tutors, and the best opportunities. No expense was spared. However, I was also raised to be very down to earth, to value people and where they come from, and to respect all of those around me. I have traveled to many places and love new cultures, foods and traditions.

I cannot say I am one thing because I am constantly learning new skills and techniques. Most people recognize my photography and graphic design, but I also obsess over web design, video and video production, animation, illustration and the core fine arts. I usually have an Apple device in my vicinity, and if I am quiet, I am hatching up a new idea or solving some complex first world problem.

I used to work at James Madison University. I ran the Office of Technology and Design – an oasis filled with creativity and brilliant, strategic people. I managed and mentored 25 individuals and they are among the best people I knew. I could write a ton about each of them, but just know that I am incredibly proud of every single thing that they do.

What else…. I used to be scared of babies, but my friends keep having them. So I guess I am adjusting to that reality. I love exotic food and drinks, traveling, talking to anyone, scrabble and dancing. I read a lot, mostly non-fiction- and I love trivia. On most Tuesdays, you could catch me at Clementines trying to beat the other teams. My team name is ACRONYM… something about being at JMU. I love football (most people here call it soccer), and root for Arsenal FC (Yup, its a hard life!). I also love the San Antonio Spurs and watch about 90% of their games.