Extra Mile Solutions

I redesigned the logo for this company and built their website. This was a fun project and I was lucky to have a really good client that gave amazing feedback and was very decisive throughout the design and web development process.

Paul had a specific vision for how he wanted his business card to look like and we tried a lot of fonts and styles to get everything he wanted on the card on there. There was alot of compromise of various elements but we ended up with a good product. Thank you to English Press and Liv Castillo for printing out such beautiful cards!

  • Date
  • Categories
    Branding, Graphic Design
  • Client
    Paul Kariuki
  • Tools Used:
    Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Shutterstock Stock Photo and Vectors
  • Fonts Used:
    Tungsten, Segoe
  • Printed by:
    English Press
  • Location:
    Nairobi, Kenya
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