Campaign for True Beauty

This was one of my first projects where I could showcase my passions and skills. The campaign for true beauty was created to celebrate health awareness week at Eastern Mennonite University. By then I was on the student health advisory council and I had this idea to photograph everyday people at EMU for all backgrounds who did unique things at the university that expressed beauty. I gathered a few people from the campus and photographed them all around the various scenic locations on the campus. I asked them to write out what their thoughts of true beauty were and I got some amazing and impactful quotes.

I will never forget this project. It was fun, very meaningful to me and it would define what I would do for many years to come!

  • Date
  • Categories
    Graphic Design, Photography
  • Client
    Health Center - Eastern Mennonite University
  • Tools Used
    Canon 40D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe RAW Plugins (this was back in the day!)
  • Location
    Harrisonburg, VA
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