Asian Night

The event was an event gala that was hosted to celebrate Asian Awareness Week at Eastern Mennonite University. The main image was of the Itsukushima Shrine (Japanese: 厳島神社 Itsukushima-jinja) is a Shinto shrine on the island of Itsukushima (popularly known as Miyajima), best known for its “floating” torii gate. It is in the city of Hatsukaichi in Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan. The shrine complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I chose to go with an iconic image and then style it to have the muted toned down colors, more typical of conservative asian architecture and landscapes. I used a few filters in Photoshop to achieve the final effect.

  • Date
  • Categories
    Graphic Design
  • Client
    International Student Services
  • Tools Used
    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW plugin, Trajan Pro
  • Location
    Harrisonburg, VA
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