Ameka & Co. Advocates

Full disclosure, I designed this for my mom. There is nothing more irking like a generic business card design for your parent’s practice as a designer…

But I had never offered to re-design the logo. I had some time on my hands and got it all sorted out. I really enjoyed this process and this project. We determined that most of her clientele was older and more established and wanted a sense of stability and presence. So after a little playing around I came up with this design and it fit everything that she was doing. We also got some business cards designed and they looked marvelous.

  • Date
  • Categories
    Branding, Graphic Design
  • Client
    Ameka & Co. Advocates
  • Tools Used:
    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  • Fonts:
    Hoefler Text, Sentinel
  • Location:
    Nairobi, Kenya
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