I love the word Hello! It’s simple to take it for granted, it helps you get started.

I have just moved back to Kenya (I am open to traveling elsewhere!) and I am looking to write the next chapter in my career. There is obviously a lot I have to learn but better still there is a lot I could show my peers when here. Its not been an easy transition, when you are used to a T1 broadband connection and then you are told that you will have to make do with 256kb/sec… it redefines youtube video watching, netflix, amazon prime and so many first-world problems that I am having now. Adjusting to Kenyan cops, matatus, customer service and numerous cultural moments.

So I am giving myself about one year to see what I can do in Kenya. Make the right connections, meet the right people and see what I could create when I am here. I have lots of design knowledge and inspiration to give, but its also a chance for me to relearn some things I have neglected. I was listening to an audiobook, Mastery by Robert Greene, and there was this passage that talked about those adventurers that climb Mt. Everest and reach the top and have their names carved into the historical books, but he points out that the true masters are those guides that ready themselves to go rescue the climbers. The guides have practiced time and time again, going up and down the mountains to rescue those that may be lost. You see it is the guides that are the true masters, you will not hear about them by name or see them in front of a magazine but they know better than anyone how to get you home and safe. I am going after mastery, and its a road less travelled.

You do not go up a mountain and stay at the top, you always come back down. its the journeys up and down that mountain that enrich your life and experiences further redefining how you climb the mountain next time and maybe use another path down. I will be embarking on lots of these journeys in the coming months in my quest. I think I will grow a lot as I find out what I am made of.