Flick and Share

December 26, 2012 Photography 0 Comments

Have you ever wanted to reliably share entire Flickr sets? You can now…
How? Check out http://www.flickandshare.com. I have been using this service the past few weeks and I am very impressed.

Whats so awesome about this service?
• it’s cool: it fixes a big Flickr limitation
• you just need a Flickr account to share your photos
• there’s absolutely no account needed to download a shared set
• easy to use “grandma-proof” one-click sharing and downloading
• no limitations: no photos/shares limits
• video support, let people download the original video
• file metadata preserved: your photo’s EXIF data are kept
• it’s entirely free, just help us by talking about it on the web

I am sure every user of Flickr at one time or the other really wanted this feature in-cooperated into Flickr and now it’s reality! Now if only you could download entire Flickr collections….