Jessica + Patrick

I have known Jessica for a long time. She used to work for me at the Office of Technology and Design at James Madison University. I have seen her grow to become a wonderfully talented photographer and a Small Business Owner. I met Pat a few years later while he was making the back and forth drive to see Jessica at JMU, from as far as Virginia Beach and Roanoke. I am glad to see them together finally.

There were a lot of interesting things that happened at this wedding. Amy Nicole Cherry, Principal of Amy Nicole Photography was assisting me to cover this ceremony. She is an incredible photographer that effortlessly does magic on the camera when it comes to brides. Jessica + Patrick were going to be in great hands. It was also going to be a beach front wedding which is always gorgeous but also unpredictable on a public beach. It was also the first time I have worked with Amy after about 2 years. (She also used to work for me!)

We started early in the morning. Amy was going to fly in the morning of the wedding from South Carolina, arrive at 10:00 am. As I was waiting for her, I was thinking about the bridal s
hoot, after the ceremony. I was dealing with the unpredictability of a public beach and needed to reduce the risk that came with that situation. There were also few places at the venue that we could use because on that day the venue had 5 weddings scheduled for the day. Thankfully Jessica + Patrick’s wedding was going to be the last.

There was a gorgeous $ 5.0m property next door for sale but had no idea what to do to get it. believe me, this was the property of your dreams, arches, ocean view, manicured lawns, great landscaping and gorgeous house. I had been calling the realtor for a whole week with no success. It seemed like we would not be able to get the venue.When Amy arrived, we talked about our options and we concluded that we should try one more shot at getting the next door property. We went over and luckily found the owner, after a brief chat with her (literally 1 minute) she told us we could have and do whatever we wanted! I have never been more excited about a wedding shoot especially considering what our options were. You can call this a stroke of luck, but either way, Jessica and Patrick had one of the best bridal shoots I have ever been a part of.